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Company Overview

EnerTech Systems, Inc. is a woman owned full service lighting company. We specialize in energy efficient lighting, lighting maintenance, new installation, and electrical. We have performed work in every type of facility imaginable. We are an EPA Energy Star Buildings Ally, EPA Green Lights Ally, we have multiple CLMC's (certified lighting management consultant) and CLEP's (certified lighting efficiency professional) on staff, and we have retrofitted more EPA Energy Star buildings in California than any other contractor!!

Mission Statement

EnerTech Systems Inc. is committed to providing the highest quality lighting and electrical services available to the commercial, industrial and public sectors. We promise to provide each and every customer with outstanding customer service. Our reputation for integrity and value has set the benchmark in our industry. EnerTech Systems, Inc.’s desire to stay on the cutting edge of technology, assures our customers will receive the most cost effective solution for their application.

The foundation of EnerTech Systems, Inc., is built on the bedrock of it's employees. Each employee’s job tasks are defined and routinely evaluated to ensure safe and consistent application of policies in a professional environment. The Company’s desire to fairly and consistently maintain the guiding principles are strongly adhered to.

The successes and rewards of the organization will benefit the Company, its employees and the community it serves.

Company Background

EnerTech Systems Inc. was founded in 1993 to assist companies with their ever growing electrical costs. With the increase in the popularity of the computer, electrical consumption was increasing at a faster rate than production. Lighting was selected as the means by which they would reduce the electrical consumption because of the quick pay backs it provided customers. Today, EnerTech Systems has five divisions to serve our customers; Energy Efficiency, Maintenance, Electrical, National Accounts and Security.

We are not just a lighting, electrical and security contractor. We are a Customer Service provider!

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